Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Cute accessories: Spree Picky review ♡

 Disclaimer: this is a sponsored post

Hello everyone! I just got my package from Spree Picky, it arrived quicker than I've expected and just in time for my next Lolita meeting on Sunday!
Spree Picky is an online store specialized on Kawaii fashion: they have Lolita items, Sailor Moon, Chess Story and all kinds of cute clothes you can imagine. You can shop either on their official website or their Storenvy page.
It was my first time ordering from them and first thing I have to say is that their staff is really really nice, they were always kind and attentive answering my questions and updating me on my order.

Now, onto the goodies:

It all came neatly packed, the handbag I ordered came in a TNT bag and all the other items were packed separately.

Your kawaii Wonderland ♡
The first item I decided to pick while shopping on Spree Picky was a brown 3-way satchel bag. This bag also comes in pink and lavender and can be worn three different ways as you can see here.

The brown version has the perfect Sweet-classic Lolita vibe and matches most of my Lolita wardrobe but I really really love the pink and lilac ones! I wish I could have this bag in all available colors!
The bag comes in a medium size of 30cm of width, enough to fit my 3DS, make-up bag, notebook, phone and other everyday things.
The material is quite sturdy, which I prefer, and the gold heart buckles and ribbon are good quality. I love this bag and I think I'll be wearing a lot, both in Lolita or casual outfits.

Second item that caught my eye was a Little Twin Stars bow-knot tie! Not only because of Little Twin Stars but also because I wear neckties in Lolita all the time and they really add a nice touch to my coordinates.

This bow necktie comes in six different colors being the navy and pink one my absolute favorites. I want to order a navy one in the near future for Sailor Lolita.
This necktie is adjustable so it can have a perfect fit on you:

You can use it on your blouses collars to add some detail to your outfits:

Or even make the kawaii kawaiier:

Last thing I got was a cherry hair clip, because I have three berry prints on my Lolita wardrobe and also because they were adorable!

I'm really happy with my new things. Spree Picky has a range of all things cute I could dream of. They also have the nicest staff ever, can't believe they were kind enough to hand-write me a postcard:

And send me lovely extras:

The keychain is a little Sweet Lolita ♡:

I absolutely recommend this shop. They offer free shipping on all orders of 15USD or more and you can also use my discount code to get 10% off on orders of 30USD and above.

I can't wait to wear my new accessories ♡

Thank You for reading ♡

Monday, January 26, 2015

Weekend: Condimento and little things ♡

Hello everyone! It's been a while, I went to the beach for a week and now I'm working so I didn't have time to post until now. Last Saturday I went to Condimento with my boyfriend for lunch. It was my second time visiting this restaurant and first since they redecorated everything. The place is still super cute but I prefer their old decor to be honest... It was more pastel and shabby-chic. I apologize in advance for the quality of some pictures, it was a gloomy weather that day.

The walls used to have a pastel floral wallpaper I liked much better.
But shabby-chic details are still everywhere.
They're famous for their American-style desserts, which are uncommon where I live. The sweets are displayed in a beautiful table:

♡ Red Velvet ♡
We originally went there for lunch but we got late and ended up getting something from their Afternoon Tea menu. My boyfriend and I both got heart of palm pie and salad. I know heart of palm (palmito) is unusual in some countries so here's a helpful link in case you need it.

They also had Wewi (organic amazonian berry soda) available which is good because I love that drink and it's also a lot healthier than most sodas out there since it's sodium-free.

And finally, the dessert *-*. Although I love Red Velvet I already had it the first time I went to Condimento so I wanted to try something different and ordered a Cheseecake with goiabada (creamy guava sweet very common in Brazil).

I liked all food I tasted at Condimento but that cheesecake was SO good, I shared it with my boyfriend because I can't eat an entire piece on my own right after lunch.
I highly recommend this restaurant where you can find tastes from abroad as well as typical Brazilian ingredients such as heart of palm and guava sweet.

Last week something exceptional happened: I actually got to spend time with not only one but three of my good friends! You guys have no idea of how rare in my life this is! On Wednesday I hung out with my friend Gyna who spent months in Korea and in the U.S and just came back to Brazil. We went to Geek House and played Animal Crossing New Leaf for hours, it was really fun.

Gyna was super super kind and brought me gifts from Korea! She also gave me her stash of paper straws *o*

Choo Choo Cat collection is growing ♡
She got me a cranberry and raspberry lotion that smells really good from my favorite Korean cosmetic brand: Etude House ♡

I'm so glad she is back because now we can play Animal Crossing at cute cafés and talk about life ♡. On Friday I hung out with two of my other friends but I forgot to take pictures of all those things --'
On Saturday I took a trip to Daiso because I wanted fuller fake eyelashes, I was lucky to find the exact type I wanted in a pack of 3, great value!

Also bought some tissues because rhinitis!
I won't be posting hauls any soon because I've been pretty much spending all my money on Closet Child buying Angelic Pretty and Baby clothes and sending them to my boyfriend's aunt who lives in Japan because his mom is visiting her in April and then she'll bring my stuff. I already bought a lot of stuff but I've been doing it since November so I had time to save some money for that. I think I'm gonna get maybe one or two more dresses until then so I'm not buying anything else for a while. But don't you guys expect to see like, five different 30,000 yen dresses when my stuff arrives because my shopping has been way too modest in comparison to those girls you see out there '-'. I'm really happy with what is coming for me in April though, hope I'll get the chance to grab a few more good deals and perhaps some of my dream dresses ♡
But while we were at the beach my boyfriend spotted this cute ice cream and donut t-shirt at a department store and got it for me ^o^. It was really cheap but I love it:

If you are in Brazil you can find it at Pernambucanas for 20,00 reais!
Hope I'll be back soon with another post since I might go to a Lolita meeting next Sunday ♡

Thank You For Reading ♡

Friday, January 9, 2015

Stationery collection ♡

Hello everyone! It's the first post of 2015! Brace yourselves because this is going to be a long post. Unless I'm forgetting something I'm pretty sure this is going to be the post that took me most time to put together!
Although I already have my much loved penpals and only one of them is not a lolita I asked to join the international Lolita Penpal group, the mod asked for some evidence that I was a lolita so I sent her my blog's link and she said that "a link from the web" is not enough evidence. Why make such a fuss?? I could easily get my penpals on Instagram or Tumblr I just don't understand why some lolitas have the need to be arrogant.
Anyway! Since I can't write my wardrobe post yet I thought it would be nice to share a more developed collection of mine: my stationery collection!
I've been collecting stationery for about two years and a half, I'm pretty satisfied with what I already have so I usually don't purchase stationery goods anymore, but sometimes if I spot something cute while shopping I might get it :)
I keep my stationery on my desk and in the cupboard beside it, the cupboard has two drawers and a glass door and so far it has enough room to all my stuff.
To make this post I focused on the paper goods, I have a bunch of pens, notebooks and deco tapes but the post would be too long if I showed them too. I also forgot to add some stuff on the pictures but most part is here!

Little Twin Stars ♡
Everyone who knows me is aware of my Little Twin Stars obsession so most of my stationery is dedicated to them.

Letter sets: the two on the top are variety packs with different envelopes, writing paper, stickers and memo notes, the purple one on the bottom right is my favorite ♡

Pencil cases, deco tape, etc: I also have a LTS deco rush I forgot to add in the picture, the plastic pencil case is where I keep my Stabilo pens and some other random pens.

Memo notes, stickers: the memo pad with a weird shape are actually sheets that you detach and fold to make little gift cards.

Gift bags: if I ever give someone a present it's very likely it will come in a LTS bag, the tiniest little one is the cutest in my opinion.

My Melody ♡
I love My Melody just as much as I love the twin stars but I don't have nearly as much merchandise. Now I'll buy less LTS stuff and try to grow a bigger My Melody collection.

Letter sets: the cutest ever and also on my favorites list, the variety pack is the same I got with the Little Twin Stars.

Paper clips, pencil, etc: once I was using that pencil to solve some math problems and I dropped it on the floor, it didn't break but My Melody's head detached from the pencil, since then I never used that pencil again.

Favorites: the Holy Grail of my My Melody collection are those paper clips and stickers my boyfriend got in Japan, I treasure them so much.

Rilakkuma ♡
Rilakkuma, and more specifically Korilakkuma, are also some of my favorite characters, in fact I have just as much Rilakkuma stuff as I have LTS but not so much in the stationery department. I only have a few things and some of them were given to me by my friends Ashley and Keely. I also forgot to add a Rilakkuma folder and tiny notebook to this picture! I love the letter sets the most.

Sentimental Circus ♡
I think Shappo and his friends are the cutest thing ever but I'm more into pastel stuff so my Sentimental Circus collection is very modest, besides those two stationery items all I have is a little Mouton plush.

Creamy Mami ♡
Here's a collection I'm looking forward to expand! The tiny Creamy Mami letter set is one of my most favorites too.

Choo Choo Cat ♡
I love Korean stationery but I'm more into Japanese characters I wouldn't mind getting some Molang stuff in the future though.

 Hello Kitty ♡
Hello Kitty is one of my least favorite Sanrio characters because she's too popular and I'm somewhat tired to see her face but I still like her because if I see something Hello Kitty that is actually really cute I'll get it.

Daiso ♡
I also get a lot of stationery from Daiso. I have most sets I want from them but I'm still on the hunt for some.

The first two were bought in Japan and the third one was a present from my Australian friend. I've never seen them for sale at Brazilian Daisos. The deer one is my favorite by the way.

Those on the other hand were all bought in Brazil, the first one is so Mori girl I think :)

My least favorites, all bought at nearby Daisos too. I grew to deeply dislike the mushroom one :/.

The ones above were bought in Japan. The little witch one is sooo cute I love it, hope to get to use it on Halloween sometime.

I have several sticker sheets from Daiso, with Japanese motifs, animal motifs, Russian dolls etc but the above are my three favorite ones I haven't used yet.

All my gift bags and gift tags from Daiso and a few other thins, I got some wrapping paper with the sweets motif as well.
Stamps, ink pads, more stickers, memo pads, pens, deco tapes, sticky notes and a ton other stuff are part of the collection too but I'd stay here the whole day to show them all in detail. Here's a general view of my drawers:

Mostly sweet deco supplies.

That's it for my Stationery collection! Next year I'll share my Lolita wardrobe post or I might do a very late post on that sometime this year. Let me know in the comments what kind of things you like to collect! And also, by the time this post is up on my blog I'll have all recent comments from previous posts answered ok? See you all soon :)

Thank You For Reading ♡