Friday, October 2, 2015

Daiso haul and weekend ♡

Hello everyone! Last weekend I went to Daiso! It had been a really long time since I last shopped there. I actually had only about 10 minutes to look around since they were about to close by the time I got there, I wanted to buy some storage but ended up buying a lot of other things instead since they didn't have any boxes or baskets I liked.

I bought a bunch of stationery and a few other bits. I always need notepads and journals for college so I grabbed quite a few since they had many cute designs available this time.

Kawaii letter set and polka dot note pad set.
Girly notebooks ♡
Mini notebook trio, the black and white is my favorite, so cute.
Whenever I see slippers I have to get a pair, since I don't walk around the house with shoes on. Got me a cute headband too that is going to be useful when I'm applying make-up.

I only bought three home decor items, two trays and a glitter hook set that is so useful and sooooo cute, I wish they were all pink and white though since the only shade of purple I like is pastel lavender.

Also grabbed some cotton pads and Japanese plum candy, I love this candy, it has a salty filling and I'm a big fan of salted sweets.

After lunch on Sunday my boyfriend and I went to the new Me Gusta store, I love their ice cream and it's one of my favorite places to have some icy treats specially now that the weather has been unbearably hot here in São Paulo.

Their new store is so cute and now they offer different things like special ice cream cones, new flavors, milkshakes etc.

We grabbed Melancia Detox (watermelon) and Pistachio Macaron, both the ice cream bar and the macaron were delicious. Melancia Detox is one of my very favorite flavors too, ideal if you are on a diet since it's low calorie.

Hope I'll post again soon, have a nice October everyone!

Thank you for reading ♡